Tulle Skirt: A Modern Fashion Statement!

Tulle Skirt: A Modern Fashion Statement!

Hello ladies, how is it going?

We hope you have already listed down your ‘New Years Resolutions’ for the year 2022. If you are late to the party, go & check our fresh blog on the same topic, you will love it.

Speaking of New Years Resolutions, a new goal/aspiration can also be to play around with your style. Be it vintage or modern, fashion is always changing & fun. Skirts in specific have evolved so much in the past few decades. The length, the styling, the purpose have also evolved along the way. The latest modern touch & the nowadays-trend to skirts is Tulle Skirts.

What is a Tulle Skirt?

A tulle skirt is a more fluffed-out and shapely skirt. Tulle is a fabric that is used to make bridal veils, scarves, etc.

There are a variety of Tulle Skirts you can buy. This is BellaSous Tulle Skirt Style BS 1001 (Knee length)

Colors: Black, Dusty Rose, Gray, Navy Blue.

Why are Tulle Skirts Popular?

The cut of the skirt is instantly flattering, no matter what body shape you have. The full, ruffled skirt covers problem areas such as the hips and thighs and highlights the waist by naturally keeping it cinched in, which is perhaps why tulle skirts and dresses are always popular among netizens & celebrities.

Tulle Skirt is the latest addition to our BellaSous apparel line. This tulle skirt is puffy with 3 layer tulle with lining, A-line style is fit for all people.

How to Style it?

  1. Pair it with a statement top/crop top either black or some bright color.
  2. Style it with an oversized blazer.
  3. The best & comfortable way to style a tulle skirt in winter is with a sweater or a sweatshirt. It can be monochromatic with the tulle skirts color or some lighter shade.
  4. One bold way to style a tulle skirt is to pair it with a cropped faux leather biker/moto jacket. The leather jacket adds edginess to the whole look & will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

There are a variety of Tulle Skirts you can buy. This is BellaSous Tulle Skirt Style BS 1002 (Thigh- Length)

Colors: Black, Pink, Gray, Mint.

BellaSous comes in a variety of colors Pink, Gray, Mint, Black, Dusty Rose, Navy Blue.

The best part of the BellaSous Tulle Skirt is that it can be worn on a variety of occasions, right from a casual date with the girls to a wedding.

Tulle skirts are so versatile that your wardrobe definitely needs one.

Check out the Review Blog on BellaSous Tulle Skirt by Sonja Gajic below:

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Let us know if you ever make a decision to buy these beautiful yet bold Tulle Skirts, we are sure you will rock the look!

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