Tutus for fun runs

Everyone who loves to run already knows it’s good for you, but there is a ton of evidence to support the idea that when you’re having a bit of fun while you’re doing it, it’s even better for you!

That’s right, many experts agree that there’s something intrinsically healthy and good for you about donning some ridiculous outfit and taking it for a spin around the block.

Is this a trick?

No silly human, it just turns out that we’re happiest, healthiest and most balanced, when we’re a little on the goofy side.

Dressing up for that 5k has become a tradition for many, like the Race for the Cure events where people get all decked out in the silliest tutus and loud clothes to support a good cause.

Running is hard work.

Exercise, and the drive to make it happen each day in order to better yourself, is no easy feat.

It takes dedication and determination.

It is a daily decision to get out there and get it done, and maybe that’s why it’s so fun to layer a tutu on top of that.

Not unlike taking the incredibly strong Wonder Woman and putting her in an eensy weensy strapless outfit, an athlete trains day and and day out for race day. From the inside out, they transform.

They are strong, focused and ready.

They can do this.

Why not get a little flouncy, a little girly with their costume?

Why not add a layer of fun back into what up until now has been just the meeting of a goal, a daily grind in a lot of ways?

Why not be a little silly?

It’s doctor-recommended after all!

We have everything you need to channel your inner warrior into an outer supahstar!

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