Petticoats by BellaSous

Petticoats by BellaSous

Hello Everyone,

We all know about our sister Brand Malco Modes. The petticoats of the brand Malco Modes are worn by women all around the world. We at BellaSous, have a similar line of petticoats.

These petticoats are more on the side of affordability. 

Let us understand the history of petticoats. Petticoats were used as underlinen to provide warmth and protect outer clothing from an unclean body, to give a structure to the skirt depending on the fashionable silhouette of the time, and to disguise the shape of the legs to give a modest appearance to a woman.

Nowadays petticoats are worn to give your skirt & dresses the absolute volume that it deserves.

Petticoats now come in innumerable variations & are worn on multiple occasions. To play around with your style, BellaSous has 3 styles of petticoats namely Style 416, Style 417 & Style 418

Style 416:

This petticoat is made of 100% Polyester – soft, fluffy tulle fabric. It also comes with a waistband that stretches generously.

Style 417: 

This is a Multilayered Tea Length Petticoat. It is made of Organza, Polyester, Net, Tricot.

Style 418:

This BellaSous Petticoat is made of Organza, Polyester, Net, Tricot, Crinoline. Multi-layer drop-waist petticoat. Will give you a 50s silhouette without adding bulk to your hips. This multi-layered petticoat skirt is perfect for Halloween, Costume, Rave, EDM, Dance parties, Color runs.

All three petticoats are perfect for a variety of occasions such as Halloween Costume Party, Christmas Dresses, Pinup Fashion, Rave, EDM, Dance Parties.

Whenever a BellaSous customer posts a picture of themselves wearing a BellaSous Petticoat we repost their images our Instagram! So make sure you follow us & tag us whenever you post the images!

Happy Shopping!


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