Little Girl Looks

Aren’t you so glad you have a little girl?

It’s already tons of fun dressing her up in all kinds of adorable outfits, so you might be wondering how it’s possible to make that even more fun. But we’ve found a way! All you need is a petticoat and a tutu. Or two. Or five. Of each. There are many ways you can use petticoats and tutus to complete an outfit or to spark imagination. Just as the sky’s the limit where looks for you are concerned, it’s the same for your Mini-Me, with rare exceptions. There are even Mom & Me styles, and a large number of them at that, if you ever want to really take things up a notch.

Wedding looks

Where the perfect wedding outfit for a little girl is concerned, nothing is more adorable than a big fluffy tutu. A festive party with a bit of fairy tale princess thrown in for good measure, a tutu checks all the right boxes and gets girls of all shapes and sizes twirling out there on the dance floor.

Make believe/dress up looks

Many little girls love to play dress up, and sometimes that might mean your high heels and Grandma’s hand-me-down pearls. This kind of dress up does make the most adorable photos! Adding tutus to her make believe wardrobe in bright, imagination-sparking colors will definitely up the cute quotient on your Insta feed.

Everyday looks

Though it might seem like tutus just aren’t an “everyday” kind of thing, they are really gaining a lot of popularity with girls of all ages. They are a fun and flirty, happy little accessory that adds something extra to almost any outfit. For everyday wear, instead of choosing those bright make believe colors, you might try going for more muted neutrals that harmonize with the outfit instead of taking it over. In our humble opinion, you can throw a tutu over almost any outfit and it becomes exponentially cuter.

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